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Communication Skills

Communication Skills
Good communication skills can be developed by anyone - fact!
The ability to communicate with more impact is a skill that can be developed by almost anyone in the right environment. Some people however simply assume that they can't change the way they are. And because they believe this they don't try and change. But it doesn't have to be like this.

And that's where Adroit can help you. We are passionate about helping you maximize your impact in front of
an audience.

Learn to Speak with More Confidence & Conviction

Workshop Outline
Warm up exercises
Getting to know the group
What makes a good communicator? (Exercises & Evaluations)
Perceptions & Conditioning
Right Attitude

Use your voice more effectively
Develop a greater awareness of your voice
Learn to speak more confidently
Learn to develop a more expressive tone of voice
Understand how the voice conveys meaning
Learn to use your voice to influence your listener
Exercises & Evaluations

Generate confidence through body language
How to appear more approachable and confident?
How to use the power of eye contact?
How to be more in control of your body language?

Present yourself successfully
Self Perception
Use voice and body language to advantage
Give a short presentation with feedback
Exercises & Evaluations

Interpersonal Skills
How to be proactive?
How to make your way with all different kind of people around you?
How to create win-win situations?
How to be a survivor?
Exercises & Evaluations

Learn the power of effective listening
Understand the barriers to good listening
Learn to listen effectively and build rapport
Questioning techniques to aid understanding
Empathic, Active, reflexive Listening
Exercises & Evaluations.

Workshop review & personal action plan

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