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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Key Learning:

  • The participants will learn the people skills required to address the audience.
  • The ways to combat stage fright and stress.
  • The technicalities of using audio visual aids.
  • Structuring and presenting the topic.

Course Content
  • The 4Ps of effective presentations:
  • Plan, Prepare, Practice and Present
  • Envision your Audience
  • Communicate with words, Body language and Paralanguage
  • Build Rapport
  • Structuring the Presentations:
  • The Introduction, Body and the closing
  • Getting the content in Place: The objective, key points, supporting material, transitions, summary and close.
  • Introduce and grab Attention of your audience
  • 7 steps to success:
  • Good start, Mood, voice, body, aids, timing and Good ending.
  • Creating Impact with the Visual aids

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