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TESOL Institute


American TESOL Institute was established in Baton Rouge, La, USA in 2002. American TESOL Institute headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida, Southeast United States of America. Dr. John May is the President of ATI and Jonathan Lazarus the Director. The foundation of American TESOL Institute was based on the dedication of a team of education experts who wanted to know how a second language is learnt.

TESOL, the acronym for teaching English to speakers of other languages is the flagship product of American TESOL Institute. TESOL as an internationally accredited teachers training program enjoys a sweeping popularity across the world. Its fundamentals and focus helps in preparing ESL teachers with a special edge. TESOL inculcates within its learners the special techniques of teaching the basic language skills Ă¢€“ listening, speaking, reading and writing. TESOL provides a thorough teaching orientation, covering all the possible areas or classroom teaching and student handling.

The ATI TESOL program was developed through years of research and insight from Asia. Combined with this valuable knowledge was their strong determination to restructure TESOL methods in the USA. This was the beginning and has lead to ATI's Standard TESOL online and in-class education and job placement system.

Countries with a high demand for American TESOL instructors in ASIA PACIFIC COUNTRIES include, the Middle East and Asia. China, for example, needs one million English speakers for the 2008 Olympics and has mandated that an additional 300 million Chinese be fluent in English by the year 2020. To meet these demands, American TESOL Institute, offers on-going TESOL programs in class. These programs provide opportunities for adults to teach English while traveling, living and working abroad

American TESOL Institute (ATI) has been training students to teach English overseas since 2002. American TESOL provides a range of courses and program to suit the learning needs of its students. ATI offers the Standardized online and in class Advanced TESOL training. Additional TESOL certifications in teaching English to Children and Teaching Business English are also available. American TESOL Institute boasts a professional series of educational quality control mechanisms that ensure ATI English teachers trained are of the highest standard.

The American TESOL Institute has its presence all over North America where its in-class courses are conducted. The North American locations include California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, Oklahoma, Quebec, New Mexico, British Columbia and so on. New exotic locations are started in India and Thailand as well.

American TESOL Institute provides standardized online and in class Advanced TESOL training. Additional TESOL certifications in teaching English to Children and Teaching Business English are also available.

After completing Expert, Advanced, Foundation, or In Class American TESOL certifications, you can teach English as a second language in all ASIA PACIFIC CONTRIES. It is a similar to teaching. American TESOL graduates can make the most money teaching in Asia or The Middle East.


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