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Time Management

Time Management

Key Learning

  • At the end of the program, participants will be expected to:
  • Better organize their workspace for maintaining efficiency and efficacy
  • Understand the importance of setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them
  • Realizing the urgent, important and not urgent and not important areas of life
  • Understand the importance of prioritizing work in order to meet deadlines
  • Take control of those things that would derail workplace productivity

  • Course content
    • Identifying your activity log and productivity pay-offs
    • Working on the right things
    • Setting SMART action goals
    • Working on the time management matrix
    • Making your personal matrix and a bar graph
    • Taking responsibility to make sure plans get implemented
  • De Clutter
    • Organizing your filing system and keeping it organized
    • Handling reading and mail
  • Managing Projects
    • What is a project
    • Setting project goals
    • Determining Milestones
    • Developing Project Action Plansâ
    • Budgeting time and financial costs
  • Effective Use of Meeting Time
    • Dealing with interruptions
    • Dealing with the telephone
    • Dealing with your supervisor/manager
    • The need for change and self-discipline

    Measuring progress
    Review and Action Plan

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