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We have a specialization in providing Corporate Training Services encompassing Soft Skills, Effective Communication, Outbound Training, Open House Training, and International Certification. Our Corporate Training Services are held by erudite professionals who aim at the overall development of the candidates. Over the years, these professionals have trained hundreds of candidates and opened new horizons for them. In addition, our Corporate Training Services are exactly as per the requirements of the employers or the job seekers.

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Soft Skills
We have expertise in providing Soft Skills training to the job seekers. Our Soft Skills training is basically non-technical, but it is very helpful in helping the job seekers to function competently in a specific work environment. This training helps the job seekers to learn the following prerequisites that any organization would like their employees to incorporate:
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Voice and Ascent
  • Effective Communication

Functional Training
The Functional Training Programs focus on human resource development and the capacity building of organizations. These trainings are conducted to enhance certain functions within the organizations. These may range from technical Human resource development aspects to safety trainings to operating certain machines
Implementing SAP Banking instruments
Exports Project management
Call center training IT Skills Training
so on and so forth. We offer these services through our rich database of trainers who are the experts of their subjects. We can offer these trainings at pan India level and overseas.
Note :* These are Customized and need based modules and can be provided as per the requirement of client.

Sales Training
We have expertise in providing Sales Training to the candidates. Through our Sales Training participants can excel in:
  • Helping the potential consumers get what they want
  • Using goal-setting techniques to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Promptly recognizing the disparity between the different products and services, and understanding the benefits of the same
  • Identifying the key task of customer service and telephone sales
  • Developing their communication, listening and problem solving skills

  • What is soft selling all about?
  • Behind every sale is a person and the attitude and the skills.
  • Find out what the customer wants
  • Figure out how to help them get it
  • People buy trust and

Open House Training
We have a specialization in providing the clients with Open House Training. Our Open House Training programs are perfectly suitable for the organizations that do not want numerous employees having training at the same time.

Based on experimental learning, these programs are conducted by the professional trainers. We display our Open House Training programs schedule on the website from time to time.

International Certification
ADROIT LEARNING AND MANPOWER PVT LTD is associated with a renowned English Teaching institutes in America, namely TESOL. We provide various TESOL International Certification English Teaching courses, ranging from intermediate to advanced courses. These courses can help the participants to develop dynamic skills related to not only oral but also the written part of English language.
Course Offered:
  • International Advance TESOL Certification in Business English: 90 hrs course
  • International Advance TESOL Certification for Young Learners: 90 hrs course
  • International TESOL Certificate in Business English: 60 hrs course
  • International TESOL Certificate for Young Learners: 60 hrs course

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