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Voice and Ascent

Voice and Ascent

"Adroits Speech Training and Accent Improvement Program"provides intensive, comprehensive and personalized Voice, speech & Accent improvement program that
eliminates barriers caused by foreign or regional accents, poor diction or voice quality.
ASAP program will:

  • Enhance interaction between employees, clients and friends
  • Eliminate misunderstandings with vendors, customers and colleagues
  • Improve clarity on the telephone
  • Achieve more effective presentations
  • Increase productivity & efficiency; less time is wasted in repeating or explaining
  • Heighten self-confidence in all communication situations

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Programme Outline:

Sr. No. Subject Module
1 Pre Assessments Voice recording of a set of sentences and paragraph
2 MTI (mother tongue influence) Inputs and practice exercises on reduction of MTI
3 Key to pronouncing the consonants of English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) with practice of consonant sounds in words, sentences and passages.
4 Key to pronouncing the vowels of English IPA with practice of vowel sounds in words, sentences and passages.
5 Final consonant sounds and their clarity Practice exercises
6 Pauses Inputs on why and where to pause in a sentence with practice exercises
7 Pronouncing past tense verbs Rules and practice exercises
8 Pronouncing plurals, third-person verbs, possessives and contractions Rules and practice exercises
9 Mid- Assessment Voice recording and feedback
10 Stress in a Word Different syllable stress with practice words and exercises
11 Stress in a Sentence Identification of words to be stressed to convey the desired meaning with practice exercises
12 Stress in noun/verb pairs Exercises
13 Intonation Pitch variation for different types of sentences with practice exercises
14 Voice Modulation Inputs & practice
15 Post- assessment
American Culture
Business etiquette in America
Commonly used American words & phrases
Voice recording & evaluation report
The programme will help you learn how to correct these spoken communication errors:
  • Imprecise articulation
  • Rapid or slow speech
  • Improper syllable stress
  • Incorrect pronunciation of multi syllable words inaccurate or non-American style inflection
  • Dropped word endings
  • Weak or monotone voice
  • Difficult vowel sounds

The training course includes a thorough manual, plus regular voice recording sessions that serves as an invaluable tool to acquire depth, clarity and spoken precision.
  • It’s not really a course - its a workshop
  • It’s highly interactive

Customized module schedule:
20 Days with 2 hours every day – Total 40 hours
Maximum batch size-12

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